Electronic Design

Electronic DesignWe have an extensive collection of Electronic and Electrical Engineering projects, products and services in our history. Our design department can take your idea to a finished working product or assist you on your way. With over 35 years of Electrical Engineering experience let us show you by documenting a report on how we can service you or your company.

Our team of Electrical Engineer’s will document all your requirement needs. We will give you a breakdown in writing about our services for completing the project and time line it for you so you can plan for its release.

Maybe you have a particular need that is holding you up in a current much larger system. We can assess your particular needs and complete a sub package to be installed on your system which would be the sole property of you, our customer. This design would be owned by you to either one-off or duplicate for many customers. There are no licensing requirements or restrictions for production.

Here is a list of the components we keep in stock;
power supplies, transistors, capacitors, resistors, RF coils (Radio Frequency), diodes, LED (light emitting diodes), IC chips (integrated circuits), amplifier circuits, potentiometers, transformers, impedance matching circuits, switch’s, timers, and connectors to name a few.

Our designs follow all CE (Conformity European) and UL (Underwriters Labs) regulations if required and our QA/QC (Quality Assurance/Quality Control) department will thoroughly go through all incoming parts and outgoing systems to ensure all issues are dealt with before our customers receive there product.

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